The Partnership Convenings

The Partnership hosts bi-monthly convenings to gather dedicated professionals and individuals throughout New Hampshire who are interested in learning about issues related to substance misuse and substance use prevention efforts. The Partnership Convenings are opportunities to engage with best practices and discuss upcoming prevention activities and initiatives. We strive to create an equitable space for knowledge sharing between subject matter experts, prevention specialists, and people with lived experience. Collectively, we can help prevent substance use in young people, substance misuse in our communities and support people who are in recovery.

Convenings are held virtually through Zoom. All convenings are recorded and available on our website following each session, along with slides and additional materials. Check out the Events Calendar and register for an upcoming convening.

Past Convenings


2023 Convenings

Fentanyl Prevention Campaigns
March 3, 2023
This convening provided an update on a local fentanyl prevention campaign, a local youth empowerment campaign, and statewide prevention programs from UNH Cooperative Extension. Slides | Meeting Minutes


  • Eliza Zarka – Addiction & Behavioral Health Coordinator at the NH Office of Governor
  • Jen Graham – Marketing Account Manager at Cookson Communications
  • Melissa Lee – Health & Wellbeing Field Specialist at UNH Cooperative Extension

NH Opioid Prevention Project Presentation


The State of Prevention
January 6, 2023
This convening provides an update on the State of Prevention NH and includes presentations on The Doorway NH and YRBS data. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording


  • Jennifer Sabin, New Hampshire State Opioid Response Director at NH DHHS
  • Chiahui Chawla, Chief of Bureau of Public Health Statistics and Informatics

Accessing Substance Use Disorder Treatment in New Hampshire

NH Youth Risk Behavior Survey (NH YRBS)

2022 Convenings

State of the State
September 9, 2022
This convening provides updates from representatives involved with state-wide prevention initiatives. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording


  • Jenny O’Higgins, NH DHHS
  • Regina Flynn, NH DHHS Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Jess Morton, NH DHHS Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program
  • Marissa Carlson, NH Prevention Certification Board
  • Janet Hunt, New Futures

Resources and Trainings to Prevent, Reduce, and Treat Tobacco Use in NH

Rapid Response & 988

Words Matter – Reducing Stigma
July 8, 2022
Words Matter in reducing stigma. This convening explored where we see stigma in our work, what resources are available to help reduce stigma, and what is still needed in New Hampshire. It also explored what person centered language is and how it helps reduce stigma. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording

Presenter(s): Kristie Curtis, Recovery Friendly WorkPlace

RFW Stigma Training

Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences
March 4, 2022
This convening provides a training that explores HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) and how the framework can address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). This workshop teaches participants about positive childhood experiences, the science of HOPE, the evidence-informed Building Blocks of HOPE, how to translate HOPE into practice, and more. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording *
*Password required to view the recording: drugfreenh2022

Presenter(s): Amanda Winn, MSW, Center for Community-Engaged Medicine, Tufts Medical Center

Prevention Messaging and Materials: Looking Back and Moving Forward
January 7, 2022
This convening provides a review of The Partnership’s prevention messaging over the past year and how it can be implemented to support partner prevention strategies. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording

Presenter(s): Julie Yerkes, MEd, CPS

2021 Convenings

Telling A New Prevention Story – Communicating About Adolescence, Development, and Opportunity
November 5, 2021
This convening offers a guided tour of research on how to tell a new story about prevention – one which changes the focus from avoiding negative outcomes to supporting healthy adolescent development. Slides | Video Recording

Presenter(s): Clara Gibbons, Senior Strategist, The FrameWorks Institute


Suicide Prevention Strategies in New Hampshire
September 10, 2021
Leaders in state-wide suicide prevention efforts provide updates on efforts and strategies in New Hampshire. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording


  • Jennifer Sabin, MSW, Suicide Prevention Coordinator at NH DHHS
  • Elaine deMello, LICSW, Director of Suicide Prevention Services at NAMI NH
  • Candice Porter, MSW, Executive Director at Connor’s Climb
  • Shamera Simpson, Area Director at American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

RFW Stigma Training

Overview of New Hampshire MTSS-B
July 9, 2021
This convening provides an overview of MTSS-B. MTSS-B is the result of partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) and the New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) to develop a delivery system of behavioral health services across the lifespan of children, youth, and adults with behavioral health needs. Slides | Meeting Minutes | Video Recording


  • Lisa Hayward, New Hampshire Office of Social and Emotional Wellness
  • Katherine Leswing, New Hampshire Office of Social and Emotional Wellness


A Vision for New Hampshire’s Systems of Care
May 7, 2021
This convening provides an overview of the current vision for New Hampshire’s systems of care. The Partnership team connected this with the impact that The Partnership’s state-wide messaging and calendar system can have on effectively communicating this vision. Slides

Presenter(s): Traci Fowler, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Introduction to the Partnership
February 19, 2021
This convening provides an introduction for The Partnership @drugfreeNH. Slides

  • Jessica Holli, JSI
  • Karyn Madore, JSI
  • Julie Yerkes, JSI

Raymond Coalition for Youth – Marijuana Prevention Campaign


Additional Educational Resources

Factsheets and Materials – A collection of resources from The Partnership @drugfreeNH that describe in detail different aspects of substance misuse and prevention in a brief digestible format.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services – Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Substance Misuse – A starting point for a variety of resources for treatment and prevention of substance misuse in New Hampshire.

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