Become a MENTOR in New Hampshire or Find a Mentor for a Child You Care For

With the isolation and lack of connection that has resulted from COVID, we know that youth, young adults, and adults alike are longing for connection and authentic relationships. It can be difficult for youth to know how to develop a productive and healthy rapport with adults without the organic interactions that would normally happen in hallways, grocery stores, field sidelines, bleachers, parks and arcades. Building connections and being intentional in your efforts to reach out to the young people in your life—or in your community—can make a world of difference. Mentoring is the perfect opportunity.

Local NH Mentor Programs 

There are many other opportunities to be a mentor and connect young people with mentors – this can be found in informal relationships as well – through the arts, at work, through sports or trades. Caring adults play an important role in the life of the next generation.

Created with the goal of expanding opportunities for young people, MENTOR has built a field and movement program that allows young people to connect and grow through mentoring relationships.

Further Resources

Becoming a Better Mentor: Strategies to Be There for Young People, was written by experts to benefit and support any adult looking to be an advocate for young people. Full of real-world advice and evidence-based strategies, it provides mentors with tangible strategies to “be there” for young people in their various life journeys and teaches them about the core skills, key principles, and critical practices of mentoring.

Visit their website to learn more about mentoring and strategies to be an advocate for young people.