Young Adults – Living

In the young adult survey, young people like yourself talked about concerns with the high cost of living, the low wages, and the cost of education in NH. You want to explore interests in education and work, but that can feel hard to do when you are worried about the cost of education and choosing a job that will pay the bills and the rent.

You are not the only ones concerned about these factors. The folks at Stay, Work, Play NH are too. They have built a robust website for all things related to staying, living and playing as a young adult in NH. They are actively advocating for affordable housing, liveable wages, and affordable education in the state of New Hampshire. You can get involved and have your voice heard about exact issues you are struggling with. You can be the change.

In addition to advocacy, Stay, Work, Play NH hosts job fairs, has links to help with job searches, offers resources on recreation and adventure and helps put together young professionals groups around the state that bring young people together to network, build knowledge and skills that will help them develop in the workforce.

Living in NH

Setting down roots and finding your first apartment or buying your first home is a huge right of passage for young adults, but the high cost of housing and lack of affordable housing has delayed that choice for many people. With a little planning and help, it might not be out of reach. The resources below can help you find an affordable place to rent today or plan for home ownership in the future.

Ahead – Helping residents find affordable rentals and prepare for homeownership in the North Country. They manage over 500 units of affordable rentals and offer education and counseling for interested home buyers or those trying to avoid foreclosure.

New Hampshire Housing – To learn how to prepare for the big purchase. They offer a number of different homeownership programs including home buyers education classes to help make home ownership more affordable.

Stay, Work, Play NH – Whether renting or buying a place, find resources that fit your budget and other criteria.

Living, learning, and thriving in NH

State, local, non profit and community organizations have opportunities and resources to offer to support you in achieving your goals. From taking care of your physical and mental health to buying your first home, you have support. Explore these three areas for resources to help support the unique challenges facing young adults.

Resources for healthy living, lifelong learning and emotional wellbeing


Housing and budgeting resources to help you plan and achieve your short and long-term financial goals.



Education and training resources for lifelong learning.


Wellness and substance misuse prevention resources for your body, mind and soul. Connect with your community and elevate your voice.