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The Power of Prevention Podcast Shines Light on Youth Vaping

Despite the fact that selling products containing nicotine to anyone under the age of 21 is illegal in New Hampshire, the use of e-cigarettes and disposable vape products is surging among youth. Learn what big tobacco is doing to make vaping so attractive to youth and how you can help them avoid this serious public health threat in the latest The Power of Prevention Podcast episode.

The Partnership @drugfreeNH Introduces New Cannabis and Other Drug Prevention Campaign

The landscape for cannabis use has been changing in and around New Hampshire with increased legal access to recreational and therapeutic forms of cannabis. These changes have caused confusion about the risks and harms associated with cannabis/marijuana use. The Partnership @drugfreeNH recently introduced a new campaign to help clarify some of the confusion.

“The Power of Prevention Podcast” Recognized at National PR/Communications Awards

The Partnership’s Power of Prevention Podcast recently received recognition by Ragan Communications at the 2022 PR Daily Awards! The award acknowledges the best work in Health Care PR and Marketing. Read more about why our podcast received this honorable mention.

A New School Year Doesn’t Have to Include Bullying
A New School Year Doesn’t Have to Include Bullying

Parents, policy makers, and school staff all play a part in creating safe environments for kids to learn, grow, and play without the threat of being bullied, including online. Learn how you can model respectful behavior, the importance of setting expectations for how to treat one another, and why swift, consistent responses are so essential.

Sending Your Teenager Back to School
Sending Your Teenager Back to School

Back to school season means it’s more important than ever to arm your teen with the tools they need to make healthy choices as they develop their connections with their peers. Send them back to school with these refusal skills outlined in this guest blog post by Jocelyn Seager, Parent Education Coordinator at the NH Teen Institute.

It’s August, Must Be Family Fun Month
It’s August, Must Be Family Fun Month

August is Family Fun Month! Summer’s winding down, and it’s the perfect time to make family fun a priority. Beyond the fun, your kids will also receive much more from these special times with them in the form of protective factors that will help them grow and thrive.

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