National Prescription Drug Take Back Day: A Simple Step to Protect Our Families

Apr 26, 2024

Hello New Hampshire Caregivers!

As caring adults, we strive to keep our homes as safe as possible for our families. When you participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, you are doing just that. On Saturday, April 27th, you can participate in this nationally recognized event that provides a safe, convenient, and responsible way to dispose of unused or expired medications, helping to prevent drug misuse.

Why Safe Disposal of Substances Matters

Unused medications in our homes can pose risks not just to our children and family, but to anyone who may visit. Prescription opioids are a particular concern. These drugs, often prescribed for pain relief, carry a high risk of dependency even when used as directed. The danger increases exponentially when they are left unsecured at home, where children and teens might find and experiment with them. Such experimentation can lead to substance use disorders (SUD), including opioid dependency.

Properly disposing of these medications removes this risk by ensuring that drugs no longer needed are not accessible to those who might misuse them. By participating in Drug Take Back Day, we help safeguard our loved ones from the dangers associated with unused prescriptions and contribute to the broader effort of preventing drug misuse in our community.

prescription drug and vape disposal person blog spot photoHow You Can Participate

On Drug Take Back Day, drop off your unused or expired medications at any of the designated collection sites across the state–you can also drop off e-cigarette and vaping devices (batteries must be removed). You’ll find these at local police stations, hospitals, and community centers, making them easily accessible. Whether it’s prescription, over-the-counter, or veterinary medicines, all are accepted.

Check out the DEA’s Collection Site Locator to find the site nearest you.


Last Year’s Impact

In the fall, Drug Take Back Day was held on October 28, 2023. The national reach and support was remarkable!

  • 4,675 collection sites nationwide welcomed participants
  • 4,383 law enforcement agencies helped coordinate the effort
  • 599,897 pounds (300 tons) of medications were collected in a single day
  • Overall, 17,900,351 pounds (8,950 tons) of medications have been collected to date

Taking part in Drug Take Back Day is a straightforward, yet powerful way to help keep our homes safe and strengthen our community here in the Granite State. Let’s all do our part this year!



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