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The Partnership is a trusted resource for NH and by joining this group of dedicated organizations, you can help individuals, families, and communities get informed, get involved, and get help! As a Partner, you can work with other organizations and communities to help reach NH residents who might be struggling with substance misuse, looking for information, or wanting to get involved in promoting the resources on

The strengths of the Partnership include:

  • Recognizing and emphasizing the value of relationships and shared resources
  • Planning and implementing consistent statewide prevention messaging strategies by mapping available resources and integrating them into a strategic plan
  • Relying on mutually beneficial relationships to achieve sustainability.

Join the Partnership and together we can reach even more NH residents.

By joining the Partnership, you will be supporting the mission and vision of the Partnership by:

  • Providing input on the Partnership’s current and future activities.
  • Assisting in identifying new partners.
  • Identifying resources, content, and experts that would further our vision and mission.
  • Supporting and informing the 2021 Partnership Conference.
  • Supporting and informing the Partnership’s training and technical assistance (T/TA) program, launching soon.
  • Participating in free T/TA around communication and language for substance use prevention.
  • Joining us on our social media channels, like and sharing our content.

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Training & Technical Assistance

Find more information for you, your colleagues, coalition, or workgroup around preventing substance misuse.
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Media & Materials

The Partnership strives to provide current, helpful resources to New Hampshire residents.
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