New Podcast Episode! Building Strong Futures: Proactive Conversations Help Young People Navigate Social Pressures with Cindy Pierce

Nov 3, 2023

In our upcoming podcast episode, we sit down with Cindy Pierce, a comic storyteller, author, and sexuality educator from New Hampshire. She shares her insights on the transformative power of open and candid conversations with teens. Cindy’s journey began with humor; her down-to-earth approach resonated with young people and led to meaningful discussions. In her discussions, she emphasizes the importance of equipping caregivers with the knowledge and tools to teach resilience and coping skills from an early age – which can serve as the first line of defense against substance use.

Join us for an engaging and enlightening conversation that’s sure to inspire and inform. Stay up-to-date on our Podcast webpage to listen to the podcast when it launches in early November!


Cindy Pierce

Cindy Pierce HeadshotCindy is an author, educational speaker, sexuality educator, comic storyteller, innkeeper, and mom of three young adults. Combining comic storytelling and years of research, she engages audiences with her message about making healthy choices and navigating cultural pressures. Cindy encourages educators to engage in conversations with students about the influences of social media, Internet porn, and hookup culture. Young people are struggling more than ever to feel at ease, worthy, and relevant as they attempt to find balance with all realms of their busy lives.

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