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The Partnership Prevention Blog showcases New Hampshire substance use prevention resources, partners, community highlights, and more.

A New School Year Doesn’t Have to Include Bullying

Parents, policy makers, and school staff all play a part in creating safe environments for kids to learn, grow, and play without the threat of being bullied, including online. Learn how you can model respectful behavior, the importance of setting expectations for how to treat one another, and why swift, consistent responses are so essential.

Sending Your Teenager Back to School

Back to school season means it’s more important than ever to arm your teen with the tools they need to make healthy choices as they develop their connections with their peers. Send them back to school with these refusal skills outlined in this guest blog post by Jocelyn Seager, Parent Education Coordinator at the NH Teen Institute.

Fentanyl: Resources, Prevention, and Messaging

Accidental overdose can happen to anyone taking drugs, and fentanyl-laced drugs have been on the rise. Learn more about prevention resources across New Hampshire and ways to reduce stigma and accidental overdose.

The Life Cycle of a Prescription
The Life Cycle of a Prescription

Annika Stanley-Smith of the Capital Area Public Health Network shares with us the life cycle of a prescription drug in The Partnership Blog’s first vlog. Learn about safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of unused prescription drugs and the importance of preventing prescription drug misuse in our communities.

Work/Life Balance Quite Literal at Times
Work/Life Balance Quite Literal at Times

Guests Nathan Fink with the New Hampshire Children’s Trust and Michelle Lennon with Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center (GTAFRC) join host Christin D’Ovidio in this episode of The Power of Prevention podcast. They share their expertise and insights on dealing with social isolation, remote work, and the stresses of homeschooling imposed by the pandemic. Listen to learn some healthy tips for coping.

Offering HOPE to Our Children
Offering HOPE to Our Children

This introduction to The Health Outcomes of Positive Experiences (HOPE) framework provides fundamental information about this paradigm shift in systems of care, communities, and policies to actively bolster positive experiences.

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