The Power of Prevention: Get Ready for Season Two of the Podcast!

Jan 30, 2024

As we gear up for Season Two of The Power of Prevention, let’s share in the excitement, and get ready for a ride that’s insightful, educational, and downright entertaining.

Season One Flashback

The Power of Prevention PodcastIn season one, we explored the question, “What is Prevention?” Our guests shared different views, showing the range of thought within the prevention field. Kim Coronis (Season 1 Episode 11), from Breathe NH, shared that prevention means “raising awareness and knowledge.” To Coronis, prevention means “empowering others by giving them the tools they need.”

Suzanne Weete (Season 1 Episode 15), from Community Partners, sees prevention as “a proactive approach to handling needs before they become major issues.” She elaborates, ”The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. But what if we greased that wheel before it got squeaky? I think we need to move our thinking upstream past intervention and start thinking about how to improve our communities before a problem arises.”

As season one continued, we highlighted stories from professionals, community leaders, and everyday heroes, demonstrating the many ways individuals contribute to prevention. From small and impactful actions to significant initiatives, season one provided valuable insights on the impact of addressing problems in our communities head on.

Looking Towards Season Two

As we transition into season two, our focus will shift to the current landscape of prevention in New Hampshire, and the communitys’ ongoing efforts. We’ll dive into what is actively being done to promote prevention initiatives and explore innovative strategies that contribute to building resilient and proactive communities. We can’t wait to share more stories, strategies, and successes from the folks in the Granite State!

Testimonials From Community Partners

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our partners had to say about the podcast!


“I love listening to The Partnership’s ‘Power of Prevention’ podcast. They explore how people are making a difference in their families and communities to promote health and wellness. These are stories that we won’t hear anywhere else.”

Kandyce Tucker

Program Specialist, New Hampshire Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services

“The Partnership @drugfreeNH is working to help parents, families, and professionals know how to talk about drugs and alcohol to young people and where to find resources. Listen to the podcast series to hear about what is happening around the state- there is really something for everyone.”

Traci Fowler

Director of Behavioral Health, The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

“The podcast series brings us stories that matter. Every interview brings hope and promise that we can prevent substance misuse within our communities.”

Jess Morton

Health Communication Specialist, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

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