Season 1, Episode 18

Building Strong Futures: Proactive Conversations Help Young People Navigate Social Pressures

Nov 9, 2023

Some conversations are harder than others, but through communication, you show your child they matter, they’re important to you, and you equip them with knowledge and skills to make healthy choices. Listen to our interview with Cindy Pierce and learn how to get started.

Talking with your child is a powerful way to build strong connections and set healthy boundaries. It is the first line of defense in minimizing the influence of risk factors like social media, access to drugs, peer pressure, online influences and exposure to violence. In listening to this interview, you’ll gain the courage to start these tough conversations, get inspired to step out of your comfort zone, and learn how to positively influence young minds and prevent problems before they happen. Listen to learn what Cindy Pierce is doing and what you can do too….to help young people handle the risky situations they face.

To gain a deeper understanding of the topic, check out Cindy’s website, her books, and her recommended resources.

Cindy Pierce – Visit Cindy’s website to learn how she’s making a difference through her presentations, blogs, books and videos.

One Trusted Adult – An evidence-based program dedicated to helping adults build strong and healthy bonds with youth.

Wait Until 8th – A public awareness campaign encouraging parents to delay giving their child access to a smartphone.

The Reward Foundation – A sex education charity dedicated to providing resources to people, parents, professionals and policymakers to make informed decisions and take appropriate action about their sexual health.

Fight The New Drug – A website with educational resources that raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn and exploitation.

Social Dilemma – A documentary-drama featuring technology experts exploring the unintended negative consequences on our thoughts, behavior and health. Available on Netflix.

Growing Up in Public and Screenwise – Author Devorah Heitner offers strategies for parenting our kids in an always-connected world.

The Chaos Machine – A book by Max Fisher documenting how social media has impacted people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

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Cindy Pierce

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Cindy Pierce is an author, educational speaker, sexuality educator, comic storyteller, innkeeper and mom. Combining years of research with her comic storytelling skills, she engages audiences with her message about making healthy choices and navigating cultural pressures, online and off. Cindy is the author of three books where she explores why it has become increasingly challenging for young people to feel at ease, worthy and relevant as they attempt to find balance with all realms of their busy lives.  Cindy and her husband, Bruce, are the parents of three young adults and live in Etna, NH where they own and run Pierce’s Inn. 

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