Season 2, Episode 2

How Community Collaboration Can Improve Health for All

Apr 25, 2024

When communities come together to plan, implement and monitor the public’s health, it makes a difference. Learn how the City of Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services is leading the way with strong leadership and priceless collaborations.

The City of Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services is working with critical community partners to improve the social, economic and political factors that influence health and prevent substance misuse. Discover how the Health Department, under Lisa Vasquez’s leadership, is transforming community health through unique partnerships and innovative collaborations.

Explore more on the topics and themes discussed in this episode:

City of Nashua: Division of Public Health and Community Services

  • Speaking Our Minds Podcast – “Speaking Our Minds” is a new mental health podcast from Nashua DPHCS highlighting the lived experiences and struggles of Hispanic and minority communities in New Hampshire. The podcast includes 5 different hosts who speak 5 different languages and share their experiences and valuable community resources
  • Public Health Matters – TV show to educate the community on a variety of public health topics and provide the latest updates on programs and services. Hosted by DPHCS Director, Bobbie D. Bagley.
  • WSMN 1590 AM- Public Health Hour –  Radio show co-hosted by Lisa Vasquez and Bobbie D. Bagley.
  • Community Connections Resource Guide: Resources for substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery in Greater Nashua.

New Hampshire Regional Public Health Networks – The purpose of the RPHNs is to integrate multiple public health initiatives and services into a common network of community stakeholders. The RPHNs serve every community in the state. For more information about your Regional Public Health Network, go to


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Lisa Vasquez

Host: Christin D’Ovidio


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Lisa Vasquez serves as the Behavioral Health Strategist for the City of Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services. Lisa has been with the Division for over 9 years. She has a MS in mental health counseling from Southern New Hampshire University. Previously, she has worked with many local organizations including the Youth Council, the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center, and Lamprey Health Care. In addition to her current position, Lisa served on the NH Public Health Association board of Directors for two years, is currently on the Revive Recovery Resource Center Executive Board, and facilitates the City of Nashua Mayor’s Task Force on Substance Misuse. Lisa Co-hosts the Public Health Hour radio show with Bobbie Bagley and created a podcast titled Speaking Our Minds to increase mental health awareness. She is a Manhattan native with family roots in the Dominican Republic, which she has traveled to many times throughout her life. In her free time, Lisa enjoys knitting, reading, dancing and spending time with her extended family. Lisa lives in Nashua, NH with her sons and husband.

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