Season 1, Episode 11

The Real Costs of Vaping: What We All Need to Know about Youth E-Cigarette Use

Dec 14, 2022

Vaping or e-cigarette use has been described as a public health crisis. They have been marketed as a tool to help adults quit smoking, but they have become a youth craze. Our guest, Kim Coronis, with Breathe NH, helps us understand this attraction and how nicotine impacts the adolescent brain – releasing feel-good chemicals.

While youth smoking rates have been declining over the past twenty years, more youth are using e-cigarettes, particularly disposable vape products. A huge driver of youth vaping has been the direct and illegal marketing to youth by the manufacturers over the past three years. Using traditional tactics straight out of the tobacco industries playbook, these devices were marketed to youth to appear modern and attractive, appealing to their desire to fit in and marketed as harmless.

What many people don’t know is that e-cigarettes often contain high levels of nicotine—the powerful, highly addictive substance that impacts the development of the adolescent brain. Research also shows young people who have used e-cigarettes have higher odds of using traditional tobacco products, like cigarettes in the future. Our guest, Kim Coronis with Breathe New Hampshire (Breathe NH) shares insights about why youth are so attracted to vaping and how we can help them avoid this serious public health problem.

Explore more on the topics and themes discussed in this episode:

Breathe New Hampshire – Committed to eliminating lung disease and improving the quality of life for those living with lung disease in New Hampshire. Their Vaping Unveiled ™ program educates youth, parents, schools and the community about the dangers of youth nicotine addiction from vaping.

My Life, My Quit – A FREE and confidential service designed to help young people quit vaping. My Life, My Quit Resources for Educators

New Hampshire Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program – Find tobacco-related resources and access to adult and youth tobacco treatment services, including QuitNow-NH with no-cost quitting help, and materials to promote My Life, My Quit.

Save Your Breath – An anti-vaping prevention campaign for youth offering scientific facts about vaping and providing motivation to quit. Resources are also available for schools and organizations.

NH Department of Education, Bureau of Student Wellness, Office of Social and Emotional Wellness – There is a large list on this website of toolkits for educators including specific modules for Restorative Practices and Vaping Prevention/RSA 126-K:7.

Truth Initiative – Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization committed to making tobacco use and nicotine addiction a thing of the past.

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Kim Coronis is a New Hampshire native with over twenty years of non-profit experience. She joined Breathe NH in 2009 as a Program Manager, specifically working on tobacco prevention and awareness initiatives as part of the organization’s Youth Network. Since 2011, Ms. Coronis has been the organization’s Policy & Program Manager representing Breathe NH as a registered lobbyist. In this role, she advocates on policies and strategies related to lung health, clean air, tobacco prevention and control, vaping, and climate change. In addition, she serves on the policy workgroup of the Tobacco Free New Hampshire Network.

For the past five years, Ms. Coronis has traveled throughout the Granite State presenting Breathe NH’s vaping prevention and education program, Vaping Unveiled ™. The program was developed in response to the increase of teens vaping in schools and has reached thousands of people to date, including middle school, high school, and college students, parents and community members, healthcare providers, businesses, and youth coalitions.

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