National Prevention Week (NPW) Social Media Toolkit

2024 National Prevention Week Social Media Toolkit (May 12-18, 2024)

The Campaign

National Prevention Week (NPW) is an annual health observance that raises awareness about the importance of substance misuse prevention and positive mental health. Hosted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this week focuses on involving communities in raising awareness of substance misuse and mental health issues, implementing prevention strategies, and showcasing the effectiveness of evidence-based prevention programs.

National Prevention Week

The Toolkit

This social media toolkit includes sample messages and images to support digital communication in response to youth substance use across New Hampshire. The Partnership encourages substance use prevention partners throughout the State to share these campaign materials, contributing to our community’s efforts to educate and support youth substance use prevention. Messages can be modified to suit your organization’s needs.


Add your organization’s logo before sharing! Follow along with this video to learn how you can co-brand our toolkit content using the free, online platform Canva. Your logo will fit perfectly on the bottom of the graphics. Once you’re ready to post, we have a tutorial video for posting, too!

Tagging The Partnership

Please tag The Partnership in your social media posts so we can like and share them! We also encourage you to share The Partnership’s post in recognition of this observance. Use the following tags depending on the platform you are posting on:

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National Prevention Week | May 12 - 18, 2024

Don’t miss out on #NationalPreventionWeek24, happening May 12th to 18th! This week highlights the importance of keeping our communities healthy and safe. Join us to learn about preventing substance misuse and supporting mental health. Let’s come together to raise awareness and support local organizations making a difference. #ThePartnershipNH @DrugFreeNH

National Prevention Week | We all have a role in helping individuals, families, and communities become informed and access help.

National Prevention Week celebrates the brighter futures made possible by prevention. We all have a part to play! Visit @DrugFreeNH to learn about the many prevention efforts in NH: #NationalPreventionWeek24 #ThePartnershipNH

National Prevention Week | How are you preventing youth substance use and promoting positive mental health? | #MyPreventionStory

#NationalPreventionWeek24 celebrates prevention stories. Share how you help prevent youth substance use and care for mental health. Comment below or create your own post using the hashtag #MyPreventionStory! #ThePartnershipNH @DrugFreeNH

National Prevention Week | We all have the power to promote positive mental health and prevent substance use and misuse.

44.2% of NH high school students say they feel sad or hopeless almost every day (YRBS, 2021). We can all help the youth in our lives by supporting them during tough times and encouraging healthy habits early. Join us this #NationalPreventionWeek24 to learn about prevention efforts in NH by visiting @DrugFreeNH: #ThePartnershipNH

National Prevention Week | We all have a role in making change

Research shows that having strong relationships is important for good mental health and preventing substance use. Whether you are directly affected by substance misuse or have seen its effects in your family or community, help the young people in your life find direction, avoid substances, and care for their mental health. Learn more during #NationalPreventionWeek24 with @DrugFreeNH: #ThePartnershipNH

National Prevention Week | An effective conversation with young people should focus on listening and sharing facts, not judgment.

Youth need love, support, and accurate information from trusted adults. Prevention work helps parents and caregivers by providing support and guidance using the latest science-based information. It also promotes effective prevention and treatment strategies. Learn more with @DrugFreeNH: #NationalPreventionWeek24 #ThePartnershipNH

National Prevention Week | How do you support prevention in NH? | #MyPreventionStory

#NationalPreventionWeek24 celebrates prevention by bringing communities together and encouraging healthy choices. How are you supporting prevention in your community? Comment below or create your own post using the hashtag #MyPreventionStory! #ThePartnershipNH @DrugFreeNH

National Prevention Week | PREVENTION fosters a healthier future for ourselves and the youth we care about.

Substance misuse prevention starts with each of us! This #NationalPreventionWeek24, let’s change how society thinks about substance misuse, substance use disorders, and mental health. Learn about actions we can take to prevent and treat these conditions. #ThePartnershipNH @DrugFreeNH

National Prevention Week | We are dedicated to strengthening efforts to help prevent the misuse of harmful substances.

Prevention work helps individuals, communities, and organizations prevent substance misuse. It also supports NH residents facing substance use challenges. Learn more with @DrugFreeNH: #NationalPreventionWeek24 #ThePartnershipNH

National Prevention Week | Prevention happens when we work together

Although #NationalPreventionWeek24 has ended, prevention work continues all year. Let’s keep raising awareness of substance misuse prevention and positive mental health. Implement prevention strategies and show just how effective evidence-based programs are. We are stronger when we work together! #ThePartnershipNH @DrugFreeNH

Hosting an Event?

Let The Partnership know so we can help promote your event(s)! Contact Us and learn how to submit your event on our website. Visit SAMHSA’s NPW website to learn more about how you, your organization, and your community can participate.