How JUUL Reinvented the Electronic Cigarette


Overview: Electronic cigarettes entered the United States tobacco market in the early part of the 21st century. The early e-cigarettes were modeled after the chemistry of conventional cigarettes and were not efficient nicotine delivery devices. The e-liquid used “free base” nicotine that had adversive side effects. In 2015, JUUL launched and “re-invented” the e-cigarette, by […]


The Power of Prevention: Building on 10 Years of Success in Public Education and Teen Tobacco Prevention


This webinar will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the award-winning “The Real Cost” youth tobacco prevention campaign. It will feature opening remarks by Dr. Brian King, Director, Center for Tobacco Products and include a presentation and Q&A session with staff who work on “The Real Cost” campaign. Topics to be addressed during the webinar include […]


Vaping and Your Health Workshop

The Upper Room 36 Tsienneto Road, Derry, NH, United States

Free workshop designed to educate and assist high school students who are looking to learn about and quit vaping. Learn more. To register call 603-437-8477 x114.

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