Safe Summer Celebrations

May 23, 2023

Summer is a season of enjoyment and celebration! Known for barbeques, pool days, and family vacations, warmer months are a popular time for activities with loved ones. Across the country, young graduates are honoring their accomplishments and preparing to embark on thrilling new chapters. With all of the festivities and excitement that summer brings, it’s critical to discuss the dangers of underage and excessive alcohol use with the young adults in our lives.

Adults play an important role in positive decision-making and can help the youth in their lives develop healthy attitudes around substance use while minimizing risk.

We know that navigating conversations around alcohol use with teens can be challenging. It’s necessary to strike a balance between encouraging them to enjoy these milestones, while also ensuring that they’re making safe and responsible decisions.

  • Approach conversations around alcohol with love and compassion.
  • Emphasize that your primary concern is for their health and safety.
  • Set expectations for acceptable behavior to discourage substance use and empower teens to make responsible choices.

To set you up for a successful dialogue, check out our new webpage: Safe Celebrations.

adult congratulating teen after graduationThis page hosts a variety of tools and resources to foster open and productive conversations around the dangers of substance use.

Topics include:

Together, we can amplify the vital message about the impact of engaging in meaningful conversations with our youth regarding the dangers of underage alcohol consumption.

We encourage our prevention partners across New Hampshire to share this blog post along with our recently developed Safe Celebrations webpage. Furthermore, we invite you to watch our latest video which represents an example of parent and teen discussion expectations before graduation celebrations. After you watch it, share it across your social media platform(s) to spread the message!

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