The Partnership’s Facebook Live Friday October Series

Oct 21, 2022

This October, The Partnership hosted a series of Facebook Live Fridays on all things prevention! Couldn’t make it live? Not to worry: click below to watch, find out more about our prevention topics each Friday, and hear what our community guests have to share.

Protective Factors of Creating a School Culture of Belonging

A sense of belonging and community are critical protective factors against substance misuse. With educators and parents alike concerned about rising rates of bullying, The Partnership is joined by Maura McGowan of NH Teen Institute during this Facebook Live Friday to discuss efforts throughout New Hampshire to create a culture of inclusivity and belonging through outreach, education, and training.

Boo! It’s Sober October… what are the benefits of going sober for a month, anyways?

Drinking can become a huge part of our everyday lives and interactions without even realizing it. Learn about the benefits of stopping alcohol use, for even a week, from prevention specialist Julie Yerkes and guest Julianne Battista. You may be surprised at all the ways going sober for a week, or a month, can improve your mood, quality of sleep, relationships, and bank account.

Framing Red Ribbon Week for the Youth in Your Life

Red Ribbon Week brings energy and momentum into our conversations around prevention! The Partnership is joined by Brian Daniels from Rundlett Middle School in Concord, NH in this Facebook Live Friday to discuss the importance of Red Ribbon Week, how to talk to your children and students about it, and ways to keep the conversation going at home for weeks to come.

Celebrating Drug Take Back Day in Your Community

October 29, 2022 is a National Drug Take Back Day. Dispose of unused medication properly and safely. The DEA can collect pills, patches, and vape pens or other e-cigarette devices (only after the batteries are removed). The DEA cannot accept liquids, needles, or sharps. Watch our Facebook Live to learn how local communities in NH get involved and what this day means to them! Find a local collection site near you.

Julie Yerkes HeadshotJulie Yerkes is the Prevention Programs Manager for the CHI/Center for Excellence team. She has worked in prevention and education for nearly 20 years, with a focus on strengthening community/school/family connections to support positive youth development. Previously, she worked at the New Hampshire Teen Institute where she served as the Parent Education Programs Manager. Julie is an experienced trainer for Staying Connected with Your Teen, Keep Connected, Everyone’s an Asset Builder, Diversity and Cultural Competence, and Prevention Ethics and Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


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