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The Power of Prevention Podcast

This is a podcast for people who are looking for solutions and want to make New Hampshire a better place where we all have the opportunity to live, learn and thrive. In each episode we will go deeper into the topic of substance misuse prevention in New Hampshire.

About The Podcast

The Power of Prevention Podcast
We are hoping to make your lives a little better with these inspirational stories about substance misuse prevention. We share our best interviews with people who are working tirelessly in their professions, their families and their communities to stop something unwanted from happening—in this case the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances.

Our host, Christin D’Ovidio, is a seasoned public health communicator at JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. where she researches, develops and designs health behavior campaigns to impact individuals and communities. When she’s not “digging in” to motivate change for public or climate health, she’s busy digging in the dirt in her garden and motivating and raising her two children in Bow, NH. 

Christin D'Ovidio

Christin D'Ovidio


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Recent Episodes

Sounding the Alarm on Substance Misuse Among the Aging Population

As we age, some of us may find ourselves or those we care about using substances more often. Pain, boredom, and loss makes us more vulnerable. Our guests, Margaret Franckhauser and Anne Marie Olsen-Hayward, explain how this slide happens and how to get help.

Season 1, Episode 9 |  27 min

Family Connectedness Helps Manage Worry and Anxiety

Are we getting it all wrong? Lynn Lyons suggests a new approach when it comes to dealing with worry and anxiety in young people. In this episode, she challenges us to think about the consequences of eliminating these negative feelings and shares practical tips on helping your kids cope forward with worry and anxiety in their lives.

Helping Families and Caregivers Thrive

Our guests connect the dots of how adverse exposures or events in childhood influence child development and attachment. As caregivers, they share their insights on dealing with social isolation, remote work, and home-schooling stresses imposed by the pandemic. Listen to gain empathy for young families and learn some healthy tips for coping.

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