Season 1, Episode 1

Reset the School Year: Finding support for you and your child with the student assistance programs

Oct 11, 2021

The Partnership @drugfreeNH sits down with guest Kim Haley, Student Assistance Program Coordinator for Second Start in Concord, to discuss what schools, and SAPs in particular, can do to help students live, learn, and to hopefully thrive in New Hampshire.

We know schools were the nexus for the pandemic response for families across the state. Schools had to create an inclusive response practically overnight – finding ways to maintain some normalcy while meeting students “where they were at” with support and resources. Schools saw firsthand how this crisis widened existing inequities.

Now that we are returning to a known rhythm and routine with the new school year upon us, we want to explore what schools in general, and student assistance programs specifically, can do to build resilience and address the social and emotional needs of students moving forward.

Kim Haley shares a wealth of information she’s accumulated over the years working with youth and families to help them build healthy connections, cope with their feelings, regulate their emotions, and give kids the essentials so they feel supported and are ready to learn. She’ll share what schools, and Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in particular, can do to help students live, learn and to thrive in NH. For more on the interview, read the complete transcript of the episode.

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Kim Haley serves as the Student Assistance Program Coordinator for Second Start in Concord, N.H. She graduated from Keene State College with an individualized Bachelor’s degree in Human Services in 1986 and completed her Masters degree in Social Work in 1999 from the University of New Hampshire. She began her career working in a secure psychiatric facility for at risk youth and then shifted her focus to alcohol and drug prevention. Kim has worked in the field of prevention for 32 years and has been a long term advocate for state funding that supports prevention initiatives. She is a NH Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a NH Certified Prevention Specialist. Currently, Kim oversees the Student Assistance Programs in 7 schools within the Capital Region, and through a contract with the NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, provides guidance and support to SAP counselors throughout the state.

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