Season 1, Episode 6

Family Connectedness Helps Manage Worry and Anxiety

Apr 29, 2022

Are we getting it all wrong? Lynn Lyons suggests a new approach when it comes to dealing with worry and anxiety in young people. In this episode, she challenges us to think about the consequences of eliminating these negative feelings and shares practical tips on helping your kids cope forward with worry and anxiety in their lives.

Worry and anxiety are part of our world. Trying to get rid of these uncomfortable feelings can actually make them worse. Naturally, we want to feel better so we turn to forms of coping that will eliminate the negative feelings. As a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders for adults and children, Lynn Lyons recommends adopting a new framework for stress and worry. Instead of trying to get rid of these feelings in ourselves and kids, she suggests we should expect to feel uncertain and uncomfortable at times. In this episode Lynn Lyons talks about how protective factors like parenting style, meaningful connection with others, and mentoring opportunities can impact how we regulate our emotions, problem solve and tolerate uncomfortable feelings.

Explore more on the topics and themes discussed in this episode:

Lynn Lyons’ website: All the latest news on Lynn’s events, books, speaking engagements and her podcast series Flusterclux.

Waypoint: A counseling service that offers a variety of services to support and strengthen young families including the free Family Support Warm Line (800-640-6480) where you can talk to a family support professional about things like coping strategies, child behaviors, family dynamics, household management and emotional distress.

The Partnership @drugfreeNH: Resources and information on strategies to prevent the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

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Lynn Lyons

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Lynn Lyons is a respected and renowned psychotherapist, public speaker, coach, author and award winning podcaster of Flusterclux. She is a friendly face and reassuring voice with her regular appearances on WMUR as a featured guest during the COVID lockdown – providing sound advice to help families cope with the disruption and uncertainty of the pandemic.

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