Season 1, Episode 2

Beyond COVID: Prevention in a Post Pandemic Time

Nov 10, 2021

We are joined by Traci Fowler, Senior Program Officer with the NH Charitable Foundation, to talk about what she’s seen in terms of prevention and what can be done to help people live, learn and thrive again in New Hampshire.

The pandemic was hard on families, schools and other institutions that serve our community. Our natural coping resources and those of institutions were not available. People had to figure out how to cope with quarantining, isolation, home schooling, unemployment, loss and grieving without these supports and resources. Existing inequities widened. To cope with the stress, many people increased their substance use during these isolating months.

While we begin to open up and return to “business as usual” we know for some this experience is still with us. Others are excited to get back into the swing of things.

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Featured Guest:

Traci Fowler

Host: Christin D’Ovidio


Episode Transcript (PDF)

Traci Fowler, MSW has nearly 20 years of experience working with grassroots, community-based coalitions as well as state-level systems and agencies to build capacity toward achieving better behavioral health outcomes. She has chaired the Governor’s Commission on Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Taskforce and the NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative and served on the Children’s System of Care Advisory Council, which helps oversee implementation of a comprehensive system of care for kids in our state. Traci is now a Senior Program Officer with the NH Charitable Foundation, assisting in the management of the Foundation’s substance use disorder portfolio.

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