Introduction to Program Sustainability

Virtual NH, United States

REGISTER NOW! Introduction to Program Sustainability – The introductory webinar orients participants to the factors beyond funding that impact a program’s capacity for sustainability. The Program Sustainability framework identifies eight theory and evidence-based domains, critical to public health programs’ long-term capacity for sustainability, namely: Environmental Support, Funding Stability, Partnerships, Organizational Capacity, Program Evaluation, Program Adaptation, […]

Free for the prevention community in NH

Webinar: Supporting Students with Student Assistance Program


Student Assistance Programs (SAP) bring students, families, educators, and community resources together to address obstacles to student success. SAPs provide information, support, and resources that will help young people make healthier decisions, learn critical coping skills, and form and strengthen relationships that enable them to learn and flourish. In recognition of National Prevention Week 2023, […]


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