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Loving and Connecting in NH

It makes sense that relationships and connection are what excite young people in New Hampshire. That balance of being connected to one’s family and having independence and autonomy is really important to the development of young adults. So is connection to community and adults outside of one’s family. When that is happening – it is exciting. Hopeful. Fulfilling. But when it is not happening…it is hard. Isolating. Frustrating. And can lead to anxiety, depression, and other less productive ways of coping. We know a lot of the young adults in New Hampshire feel this way.

Getting and staying connected

You are not alone in feeling alone. What NH young adults told us in the NH survey echoes findings from other surveys. According to a health study conducted by Cigna Health, more and more people over the age of 18 years report feeling lonely and socially isolated. There are things you can do like schedule regular time with family and friends, get sleep and physical activity and strike a balance working the right amount. Another recent study on civic engagement of NH residents found Millennials spend more time with their family and friends than any other generation, but participate less in public and community activities. Knowing how to get involved and engaged was cited as one of the biggest challenges.

A great place to find things to do and people to meet is your local paper for community activities. Find something you’re interested in. Grab a friend or a family member and go! Other options are:


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NH Magazine

Online magazine featuring local activities and places to visit in NH.
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Sign up to meet people, make friends and find interesting activities in NH.
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Appalachian Mountain Club

Trips and groups specifically for you! Getting outside, moving your body, and meeting new people all help improve our mental health.

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Stay, Work, Play NH

They highlight lots of great ideas on ways to play and connect in NH.

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Find ways to connect to your community and nearby volunteer opportunities. Use VolunteerNH’s searchable database to find opportunities that fit your skills and schedule with fun, meaningful and friendly activities.
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We all want to find a place and community that appreciates and affirms our innate value and identity. PFLAG offers support, education and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people, families and allies. They offer monthly support groups, speakers bureau and volunteer opportunities. Find additional LGBTQ+ resources for young adults.

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YMCAs throughout the state offer positive, healthy activities for people of all ages to stay active, keep moving and stay connected. They also have volunteer opportunities to help a child, mentor a teen or help a family.

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UNH Cooperative Extension

Staff and volunteers develop and deliver practical, trusted education and services to meet New Hampshire’s needs to make life better in NH. They work on important issues like protecting our natural resources, supporting youth and families, teaching about nutrition and healthy living –  to helping downtowns become more vibrant.

Your Voice Matters

For many, politics and social policy are meaningful and exciting. The small size of the state, with the high number of local representatives, not to mention the First in the Nation Primary status, make having your voice heard and making a difference very accessible. Check out these and other local political groups to get involved.



New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office hosts information about voting in NH and running for office.

NH Democratic Party and NH Republic Party – host events and invite volunteers to get involved.

NH Young Democrats and NH Young Republicans –  offer specific training, information, and opportunities for young people.

New Hampshire Institute of Politics – hosts speakers and events, with many candidates visiting during the primary.

New Hampshire Public Radio’s Civics 10 – a podcast series with friendly civic lessons about NH politics.


Social Policy

Search for the advocacy efforts of an organization or issue that you’re interested in. Organizations are always looking for people to get involved in moving the needle on the issues important to them.

New Futures offers a variety of Advocacy Trainings – learn how to elevate your voice and have it heard.

Stay, Work, Play NH has an Advocacy Network – a network of volunteers who share a passion for improving the lives of young people in New Hampshire through policy, civic engagement, and community building. Join today! 


We want to Hear from You

Elevating your voice—sharing your story and being heard—brings strength and power. You have a lot to say. Contact Us. We want to hear from you.

Living, learning, and thriving in NH

State, local, non profit and community organizations have opportunities and resources to offer to support you in achieving your goals. From taking care of your physical and mental health to buying your first home, you have support. Explore these three areas for resources to help support the unique challenges facing young adults.

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You want to explore interests in education and work, but that can feel hard to do when you are worried about the cost of education and choosing a job that will pay the bills and the rent.
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You are not alone in feeling alone. Discover resources for connection to the community and social support; to appreciate the natural environment and activities beyond; and to find your political voice.
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Mental Health and Substance Use

Everyone feels anxious and stressed from time to time. But there’s always hope and actions you can take to feel better. Find young adult resources for coping, self-care and mental health.
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