Speak Up New Hampshire...
About the way we think and talk about addiction!

We can work together recognizing, accepting and speaking up that addiction is a medical disease and is treatable, removing the stigma that prevents so many from getting help. Our words and attitude matter and right now, during these challenging times, we have the ability to create a more supportive environment in New Hampshire for people living with an addiction, their family and friends.

Lets get started!

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Addiction: It’s a Brain Thing
Addiction is a disease of the brain and affects 
the whole person. Learn more.

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Overcoming Stigma
If you are living with an addiction there is help.
Steps you can take now.

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Understanding Stigma
Changing the way we talk about addiction is
one of the most effective ways to reduce stigma.
Learn more.

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Ways to Reduce Stigma
Start talking about addiction in a supportive,
empathetic way.
Learn how to be the change.

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Effects of Stigma & the Different Types 
Stigma is recognized as one of the top barriers
for individuals seeking treatment. Read more.

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Talking About Addiction
Language is powerful - especially when 
talking about addictions. Learn what to say.