Does my friend have a problem?

It can be hard when your friend is in over his or her head with drugs. Maybe you tell yourself that they have it under control, but you’re afraid for them anyway. Maybe you realize that your friend doesn't have it under control, but they’ve made you promise not to tell anyone. You’re in a tough position but you can get help.

You know your friend may have a problem if:

  • His or her attitude, mood, or appearance changes for the worse.
  • He or she use alcohol, drugs or prescription pills frequently.
  • He or she hides alcohol, drugs or pills to use later.
  • Your friend steals or lies to get drugs.
  • He or she needs to use drugs to have fun or relax.
  • Your friend complains or even get mad, when they don’t have drugs.

If you spot any of these changes or signs in one of your friends, get them help right away. Never try to help them quit on their own. Here’s what you can do.