Speak Up NH! Social Media Toolkit

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/drugfreenh
Twitter: www.twitter.com/drugfreenh
Instagram: www.instagram.com/drugfreenh
YouTube: www.youtube.com/drugfreenh

Stigma Definition

Sample Facebook Post
• Let’s start the conversation to end stigma, #SpeakUpNH.
• Did you know the stigma can make those who need treatment reluctant to Speak Up? It is called perceived stigma. Let’s break down stigma together.

Sample Tweets
• Help raise awareness of Stigma, #SpeakUpNH. Learn more at SpeakUpNH.org
• Let’s start the conversation… to end stigma. #SpeakUpNH
• Addiction is a medical disease, let’s speak up to end stigma. #SpeakUpNH

Addcition Stole my Husband

Sample Facebook Post 
• There are 23.5 million people in recovery throughout the US, join me in supporting them and to #SpeakUpNH against stigma. SpeakUpNH.org
• There are so many success stories of people in recovery, here is one example. Share your success story with us here! #SpeakUpNH
• We are sharing success stories of recovery to remind you are not alone, #SpeakUpNH.

Sample Tweets
• Stand with me to see the person, not the condition. Educate yourself and #SpeakUpNH. Learn more from my friends
• We are sharing success stories of recovery with you to remind you are not alone, #SpeakUpNH.

Pledge to Speak UP (1)
Sample Facebook Post
• Changing the way we talk addiction is one of the most effective ways to reduce stigma. Remember, words matter. #SpeakUpNH Learn more at SpeakUpNH.org
Share your own Stigma Free Selfie, write #StigmaFree on a piece of paper and share it with us using #SpeakUpNH!
Suggested text to include alongside your photo:
• Stand with me to see the person, not the condition. Pledge to be stigma free.
• Ask others to pledge #SpeakUpNH. Encourage them to join you as you spread awareness

Good (1)
Quote SpeakUp
Sample Facebookj/Instagram Post
• There are many ways to help reduce stigma, it all starts with educating ourselves. #SpeakUpNH
• Learn more about addiction/substance use disorder at drugfreenh.org, share what you learned with us in the comments!
• Join me by donating to Partnership for a Drug-Free NH to expand the ways to break down stigma: PayPal.Me/DrugFreeNH

Sample Tweets
• Let’s reduce stigma together, let’s #SpeakUpNH. #Language Matters
• Help us break down stigma and donate to @DrugFreeNH: PayPal.Me/DrugFreeNH

Cover Photo:
Cover Photo
Other Graphics:
Follow your dreams 

How to Change Your Cover Picture
1. To upload a picture to Facebook, it needs to be saved on your computer or network. This step will vary based on what picture you are using and what software you have on your computer.
a. If the picture is already on your computer, skip to step 2.
b. If you would like to use one of the covers on page 2, these were included as picture files when you originally received these materials. Go back to the original e-mail and save the file to your computer.
c. Depending on your software, you may be able to
2. Once the picture is saved on your computer, go to your organization’s Facebook Page and hover over the cover picture on your page’s timeline. In the bottom, right-hand corner of the picture, a gray button that says “Change Cover” will appear. Click on this button.
3. Select “Upload Photo.”
4. Select the file from wherever you saved it on your computer.
5. Click the blue “Save Changes” button under the cover picture.

How to Post a Status
1. You can post a status update from your News Feed or organization’s Page. Click on the Facebook logo in the upper left-hand corner to get to your News Feed. Click on the name of your organization in the upper right-hand corner to get to your Page. (If you are signed in as yourself, instead of as the organization, you may need to switch by clicking the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner and selecting your organization under “Use Facebook as:”
2. Click your cursor in the box that says, “What’s on your mind?”
3. Type your message. When done, click “Post”.

How to Post a Link on Facebook
1. You do not actually have to have the link in your message in order to link people to the website.
2. Copy and paste or type the link into the “Update Status” box.
3. Wait a few seconds.
4. Once information about the website shows up under the text box (you will see the name of the website and a little picture from the site), you can delete the link and type your message. The information below will remain and will still link viewers to the website.
For the posts in this packet, you can just copy and paste the posts (including the links after the post) into the “Update Status” box. Once the information about the website loads (you will see the name of the website and a thumbnail picture from the site), you can then delete the link from the post. You can also leave the link in the post, but some consider this poor Facebook etiquette.

How to Post a Picture or Video on Facebook 
From link:
1. Any picture or video that is already online can be linked to just like posting any other link (see above for instructions).
From your computer:
1. If you would like to post a picture or video that is saved on your computer to Facebook, click on Photo/Video” in the status box.
2. Choose “Upload Photo/Video.”
3. Click “Browse” and select the file you would like to upload.
4. Add text in the box above the picture or video and click “Post.”

How to Invite friends to "Like" a Page 
1. Go to the Facebook page you want them to “like” while you are logged in as yourself
2. Scroll to the top of the Posts and you will see a box in the right column that says “Invite Your Friends to Like This Page”. Enter names of those you wish to invite.

How to Mention Another Facebook Page 

Mentioning another organization in your post puts your post on their Timeline and all of their followers’ News Feeds.
1. When you want to mention the organization, type an @ sign, followed by the organization’s name (no space). Click on the correct organization’s name when it pops up under your post.

How to Like Another Facebook Page  

1. Once on the Page of the organization you want to Like, click the Like button on the right-hand side, under their Cover.
2. You can also Like an organization directly from the search results by clicking the Like button next to the organization in the search results.

How to Like Another Facebook Page as Your Facebook Page 
1. Click the arrow next to a circular gear at the bottom right of a page’s cover photo. Select “like as your page.” Select which page you want to “like” as and hit save.

How to Share a Post From Another Organization
1. Find a post you would like to share. This can be from your News Feed or the organization’s Page.
2. Click “Share” under the Post.
3. Choose how you would like to share the post. i.e. On your own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, on a page you manage
4. Enter your own text into the pop up box and click Share Link/Album/Status/Etc. (exact wording will vary based on type of content sharing).

How to Tweet
Note: A tweet can be sent from your Home tab or the Compose new Tweet button (look for the picture of the quill) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

To Tweet From Your Home Tab 

1. Type your text in to the box that says “Compose new Tweet…” and click Tweet. Remember, Tweets must be 140 characters or less, including spaces. Links will be automatically shortened.

To Tweet Using the Compose New Tweet Button 

1. Click the Compose new Tweet button on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Remember, Tweets must be 140 characters or less, including spaces, special characters, pictures and urls. Links will be automatically shortened.
2. Type your text in to the pop up box and click Tweet.

To Include a Hashtag in Your Tweet 

1. To include a hashtag in your tweet, just add a pound sign (#) before a word with no spaces. The hashtag for this campaign is #SpeakUpNH. This should be included in all tweets (even if you’ve edited or created your own to suit your region). We will track the success of this initiative through this hashtag.

To Monitor a Hashtag 

1. To monitor a hashtag, click the Discover tab in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.
2. Type the keyword or hashtag you would like to monitor in the search box. A list of Tweets containing the word or hastag will come up.

To Mention Another Twitter User  
1. When you want to reference another Twitter user in your Tweet, just include their handle. A handle is the user’s unique identifier that starts with an at sign.
2. Start typing the handle with the @ sign. Options will populate. Select the correct user you would like to mention.
3. If the Twitter user is the first thing you type, make sure to put punctuation in front of the user name. Most people use a period. EX:.@drugfreenh This keeps the tweet from being viewed as “private” by Twitter.

To Follow Another Twitter User 

1. Search for a Twitter user by handle or name on the Connect tab by entering the handle or name in to the search box.
2. Click the Follow button next to the appropriate search result.
3. The Follow button can also be found when you are on the user’s page.

To Retweet

1. Hover over the Tweet you would like to Retweet.
2. Click the Retweet button.
3. Mobile applications of Twitter as well as third party applications like HootSuite and Tweetdeck will allow you to modify a retweet if so desired.