North Country Area


“Working together to reduce the problems
and create solutions on substance misuse in our region.”

North Country Regional Public Health Network: An Innovative Collaboration to Improve the Health Status of Northern New Hampshire.

What We Do:

Engage people from education, businesses, local government, medical, safety, and anyone interested to participate in addressing substance misuse.

Work with substance misuse, behavioral health, and primary health providers to develop a continuum of care that includes prevention, early identification and intervention, treatment and recovery support services.

Mobilize the community to help reduce substance misuse among youth, young adults and across the lifespan with evidence-based prevention strategies like:

  • Community education through presentations and environmental strategies
  • Youth Leadership Through Adventure.
  • Student Assistance Programs
  • Local community coalitions

How You Can Get Involved:

We need you to help build a healthier community. You may participate in workgroups, initiatives, planning processes or just get on the mailing list for information. A representative from the Network will be available to meet with anyone interested in learning more and becoming involved.

Service Area:

Bath, Beans Grant, Berlin, Bethlehem, Carroll, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Dalton, Dix’s Grant, Dixville, Dummer, Easton, Errol, Franconia, Gorham, Haverhill, Jefferson, Kilkenny, Lancaster, Landaff, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Milan, Millsfield, Monroe, Northumberland, Odell, Piermont, Pittsburg, Randolph, Shelburne, Stark, Stewartston, Stratford, Success, Sugar Hill, Warren, Wentworths Location and Whitefield

Download Substance Misuse Prevention Strategic Plan