How to Talk with Someone about Alcohol and Pregnancy

When having a conversation with someone who mentions they are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, please reach out to them.

As a friend, relative or a casual acquaintance

  • Show your support by talking with them.
  • Listen. Stay open-minded. Wait until they are finished.
  • Reflect back what you hear being said. It is okay to be silent while you gather your thoughts.
  • Recovery is possible.  If you can, offer to go with them to talk to a counselor or to get help.

Questions to initiate conversation

  • Did you know that when pregnant your baby is very susceptible to alcohol in the bloodstream?
  • And that there is no known safe amount of alcohol you can drink during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant?

Facts (choose a few and share)

  • Alcohol includes wine coolers, beer, and liquor.
  • It is best not to drink at all while pregnant.
  • Alcohol passes directly from your body to your baby’s.
  • Drinking alcohol can cause certain problems and conditions such as miscarriage and birth defects
  • Alcohol passes through breast milk to your baby if you are breastfeeding

If they cannot stop drinking, let them know:

  • Addiction is a disease and a health problem. Recovery is possible.
  • Addiction runs in families, just like cancer or heart disease. You can recover.
  • You are not alone. Many other people are facing the same problems. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It cuts across race, gender, and economic lines. There are many resources to help you with your recovery.

Get Help

  • Get Help - Making a decision to get help or to help someone is a big step.