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Serve Up the Ultimate Summer *Soft Drinks

Serve Up the Ultimate Summer *Soft Drinks

Pour me a *soft drink, please. But not a soda. And with a pretty garnish. While soft drinks typically make us think of carbonated beverages, such as Coke or Pepsi, they can actually imply any drink that doesn't contain a lot of alcohol. Those would be hard drinks.

Summer! That blissful period of between-ness. Many are in-between grades, jobs, or between graduation and "the real world." Summer is often a cause for celebration, and of course hot afternoons lead to cool beverages. These days, it's not the norm let those who are either under age and cannot drink, or those that choose not to drink, to fend for themselves or drink tap water. So what do you do?

Below are three alternatives to beer and soda, that we think your friends and family might enjoy. Also: If you'll be serving anything from other than its original container, be sure to affix a label telling guests what it contains (not every little ingredient, but "Non-alcoholic Lemonade" would suffice.)

  1. Light lemonade: Whether it's Simply Light Lemonade or one of Trader Joe's seemingly endless varieties, you can pour it in a large pitcher and if desired, add even more water to it, to taste. (It's often wayyyy too sweet.)
  2. Nonalcoholic drinks: Add strawberry syrup, with some fresh juice and top it off with tonic water--in liquid layers. Add a strawberry on the glass. (If you don't feel like being the "bartender" put the items out in assembly line fashion with a bowl of fresh strawberries at the end.)
  3. Want 1 million other options? If you only use Pinterest to see the latest in home decor, you're missing out. Type in non-alcoholic drinks, and you'll find a bevy of beverages sans booze waiting to tempt you. Try this page for starters: (LINK: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/420523683938276286/) It's the 45 Best Nonalcoholic Drinks to Keep Things Refreshing and Kid Friendly, and it's great for adults, too. Not only can we vouch for the taste of several of these, but their presentation as well. The Melon Ball Punch has us salivating already.

So there you have a few choices for those who want a drink without the alcohol. We'll end with another word of advice: Just as you labelled the drinks that were nonalcoholic, please label any pitchers of drinks that contain alcohol. It can be a very unhealthy shock for a child or someone averse to alcohol to imbibe in the vodka spiked watermelon.

And with that, enjoy your summer, safely and responsibly, like the pro host that you are!

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