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The Drug-Free NH website is designed to help individuals, families, and communities to get informed, get involved and get help! You will find information on prevention efforts, effects of alcohol and other drugs, guidance on recovery and treatment and links to programs in the Granite State . . . and more.

Moving from trauma-filled past to successful future

I'm an advocate for recovery.I wholeheartedly support recovery and its purpose. But, it's not MY purpose. My purpose lies in the prevention of substance misuse. My purpose is collaborating with people who work with, live with and/or care about children, youth, and young adults. I work with and for those who have experienced traumatic life events an...
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Everyone Grab a Helmet

We're going for a ride – not the one we would have chosen, yet here we sit. Long gone are the days of a 'heroin crisis' in New Hampshire. Early last month some public health advocates cautiously celebrated a slowing of a steadily rising rate of deaths by drug overdose primarily involving combinations of cocaine, benzodiazepines, and a two-thirds ma...
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Importance of NH’s Networks and Community Coalitions!

New Hampshire's prevention networks and coalitions are doing an amazing job every day to help make our communities become healthier and safer. The systems in place that support the work of New Hampshire's 13 Regional Public Health Networks (RPHNs) provide the infrastructure, programs and resources that benefit many people of all ages.

Working with the state's prevention system are the Drug Free Communities Support Program (DFC) coalitions serving in different parts of the state. New Hampshire has 13 DFC coalitions as well as many that have graduated from the DFC program, but are still serving their communities as coalitions.

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Prevention is a Science

Substance use prevention is a coordinated, comprehensive and multi-faceted, community-wide investment. It is more than a single program, it is done over a long period of time, and it is no one sector of the community's responsibility. Substance use prevention is not easily defined because it often so ingrained in everyday life - but what exactly do...
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Welcome to the Drug-Free NH Blog!

Welcome aboard!

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Hampshire blog will be your first stop for news, information and ideas on how to combat substance misuse. Buckle up! We're moving fast! :)

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