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The Drug-Free NH website is designed to help individuals, families, and communities to get informed, get involved and get help! You will find information on prevention efforts, effects of alcohol and other drugs, guidance on recovery and treatment and links to programs in the Granite State . . . and more.
Alissa has been working in the community outreach and prevention fields for the last 13 years, in both Louisiana and New Hampshire. Having worked in and closely with almost all of the sectors represented, she has knowledge and insight to successful ways of engaging businesses, educators, law enforcement, and community organizations. She has a passion for people, and she loves getting to know how she can help mobilize and empower them to create positive changes in their homes, communities, and workplaces.

Having been born and raised in south Louisiana, Alissa brings a bit of experience with culture differences to New Hampshire and has used that experience to understand that there are more ways than one to reach someone. She feels that we just have to find out what they fight for. Once we do that, we can tailor our efforts to reach them and engage them.

She decided that New Hampshire was where she officially wanted to plant her roots and lives in Barrington with her wife and their two rescue dogs – Conrad and Gronk.

Moving from trauma-filled past to successful future

I'm an advocate for recovery.I wholeheartedly support recovery and its purpose. But, it's not MY purpose. My purpose lies in the prevention of substance misuse. My purpose is collaborating with people who work with, live with and/or care about children, youth, and young adults. I work with and for those who have experienced traumatic life events an...
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